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Name:Michael Pope* | Nikita
Like many of the current Division agents (apart from Alex), little is actually known about Michael's past. Michael was also in the Navy.
Kasim Turiq killed his wife and daughter, Elizabeth and Haley in a car bomb. Michael attempts to overdose on morphine, we see Percy enter and they meet for the first time.

Percy offers Michael the chance to join Divison and make a difference. WIth nothing to lose, Michael accepts. He joins Division hoping that they will assist him in locating Turiq soon, so he could get his revenge. Almost achieving this, Michael plans to stab Turiq with a shiv in an airport after tricking Nikita into letting him drive there alone. He fails when Nikita alerts airport security into stopping Michael.

He meets Nikita after 'saving' her from death row after she killed someone under the influence of ketamine. She soon becomes one of Division's best recruits, even going so far as to beat Michael's former record of long distance shooting and is visibly Michael's favorite. The two become very close, prompting Birkhoff, Amanda and even Percy to joke about his evident feelings for her. It isn't until their first overseas mission together in 2006 that they act upon their feelings, however their actions are proven in vain when Michael professes he cannot move on with her whilst burdened with the knowledge that the man who killed his family is still alive. Unfortunately for Michael, before he can begin to find Turiq, Nikita meets and falls in love with Daniel Monroe a year after their their kiss; something that visibly distresses him. Michael and Nikita repeatedly show hints of a complicated relationship following their opposing sides, yet their hesitation to kill each other despite Michael's orders from Percy to do so. The sexual tension between them hints greatly into a deeper bond. They continue to assist each other, using negativity to disguise the fact they missed working together, especially in "Covenants" when finally catching Kasim Turiq in St Petersburg following Michael's blackmail of her. The two under apparent unwilling cooperation discover Percy was in fact behind the death of Michael's family as Kasim was under Division's employ and Percy's orders when the explosion occurred. They discover Percy ordered him to kill Michael to become a hero in the ranks of Al-Qaeda's finest, however the plan went awry and Michael's family died in the crossfire where Michael himself survived. It is with this knowledge that Michael finally joins Nikita in her battle against Division and the two begin their long awaited romantic relationship.

Michael and Nikita seem to have a little bit of a fallout. Nikita convinces him that he can either be with her or be with Cassandra and their son Max. While Michael argues he can do both, Nikita tells him he cannot. Though when she gets in trouble Owen Elliot calls Michael who comes to the rescue leaving Cassandra and Max behind.

* In "One Way" you can see on his passport his last name "Pope", although this could be a cover. Hence the last name, until I know otherwise this will the name I use.

Disclaimer: Muse and mun are both over the age of 18. Michael is from the CW's Nikita.

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